Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pigeon Wings TV Animatic

Hey ya'll! So I animated my TV short from earlier. Gave it a little bit of timing and pans. Hope you enjoy!
Please click the link below. :D


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quick Portrait Sketch

 I saw a girl with this sweater and another girl with that hair cut and then cut and paste! That was kinda fun. haha. That face..was of my feelings at the time over..stress. Lots of stress! But at least a good drawing came out of it!

Rough Animatic: House of Birdman

Just part 1 of my boards. Still workin on the rest! Hope you like them!!

Her name is Nattie McSweeny and she's a ghost hunter who wants to help people move on to the other side. In this sequence, she's trying to find/meet the notorious ghost of Mr. Tux, or "The Birdman", a mad ornithologist who died a tragic death.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Noir Chase

Traditional! Pencil drawing on Paper!

This was so fun to do!!
A woman is running away from a man who is trying to capture her. I'm going to try to tone it later on.
Something hand done still feels better than always doing digital.


Marker drawings of people!

Jonathan Cripple Costumed Figure Drawing Workshop!

I miss doing these workshops!!

Thinking About You...

Ink on Paper


Pretty Girl Drawing

Playin with some color. I like the one on the left more, but we're getting pretty yellow over there! However, it does remind me of some awesome colors in an old comic book!

Meanwhile...more boards to do..more portfolio work!!